Family information

At Glenside, the people who use our services and their families are at the centre of everything we do.

We recognise the real challenges being faced each day, not just by those with a long-term neurological condition, but also by their families. Our team is able to offer advice and support to families and understands that you may have had to make considerable changes to your own life as a result of your relative’s long term neurological needs.

Glenside offers a flexible approach to ensure the family relationship is maintained. We can work directly with legal teams, case and care managers, as well as individuals who manage their own budgets. We will signpost families to further support from various information sources to assist with all aspects of your and your relative’s life. Visit the support links page to find useful information that may help you.

In a recent CQC inspection, in response to question “Are services caring?” CQC inspectors stated “The majority of patients reported that they were receiving good care and that staff treated them with respect and dignity”.

Also “Patients and their families were involved in their care plans, and had the opportunity to feedback on the quality of the service.”


“Glenside gave me back my life whilst improving the life of my wife. Glenside may have a specific number of service users, but you could actually multiply this by 3-4 as you also have the family members who need so much care and managing. In my view I can only say Glenside are truly amazing and have shown so much care and love toward me as well.”

– Husband of service user

Our values

Glenside is:

Person centred

    – Ensuring each service user is treated as an individual
    – Ensuring that the wellbeing of service users is at the heart of all decisions
    – Planning and carrying out care, taking into account peoples personal preferences and choices

Focussed on quality and safety

    – Monitoring quality and safety and making improvements when necessary
    – Being open, honest and transparent when things go wrong and learning from mistakes

Supporting and empowering staff

    – Having appropriate training and supporting career progression
    – Providing a supportive management structure
    – Providing opportunities to have a say in decision making and be able to influence the organisation
    – Enabling open communication with staff
Our vision

Glenside is:

Compassionate. We:

    – care about the service users. Service users come first in everything we do
    – take pride in the achievements of service users, however small
    – take our duty of care towards service users seriously and treat them with kindness, dignity and respect

Inclusive. We:

    – involve service users and those acting on their behalf in identifying needs and goals, planning care and reviewing progress
    – involve staff, service users and families in identifying areas for improvement within the service and offering suggestions for action

Continuously Learning. We:

    – are transparent, open and honest when things go wrong
    – investigate fully where appropriate
    – learn lessons and act to make improvements when necessary