Make a referral

If you feel that our expertise matches your patients’ needs, or to make an enquiry regarding a potential referral, please contact our dedicated Referral line, where an experienced member of the referral team will be able to help with your enquiry.

We will ask for copies of any previous reports or medical notes prior to offering an assessment to discuss with our multi-disciplinary team to ensure that rehabilitation, nursing, medical and social needs can be met. Prior to any admission to Glenside, we undertake a full detailed assessment and complete a detailed treatment plan which will be sent to the relevant funding authority. Our services can be funded by the NHS, Social Services or private medical insurance company (subject to policy restrictions).

We actively encourage prospective patients, where possible, and their family members to visit Glenside prior to admission. You will be given a tour of the appropriate site and its facilities and be able to meet members of the multi-disciplinary team, who provide the personalised care and rehabilitation services at Glenside.

Enquiry form

You can complete our brief enquiry form below. This will be sent to the admission/discharge committee and a member of the team will contact you back within 2-4 hours.

Phone: 0330 123 9263
Fax: 01722 744443

If you have difficulty accessing or completing the enquiry form, please contact us for alternative formats or to discuss the referral by phone.


Bed availability

Due to several successful discharges, we currently have beds available in the following services:

Horizon Close        Tick Symbol
Kennett         Tick Symbol
Langford        Tick Symbol
Limetree       Tick Symbol
Hospital NBU       Tick Symbol
Newton House         Tick Symbol
Hospital NRU     Tick Symbol
Old Vicarage       Tick Symbol
Farnborough         Tick Symbol
Specialisms explained
Complex care Specialised nursing care for adults with high physical dependency needs.
Specialist rehabilitation Consulant-led IDT team for adults with brain injury or complex neurological conditions.
Behavioural management Nursing care for adults with complex cognitive, physical, behavioural and emotional support needs and for those subject to section under the Mental Health Act.
Neuro-palliative care Nursing support for those who require longer term care during the later stages of a progressive neurological condition.
Progressive neurological conditions Specialist nursing care and support for individuals with a progressive neurological condition.
Slow-stream rehabilitation For adults who have become more independent, typically after a phase of intensive rehabilitation.
Simulated supported living Allowing individuals who have become more independent to live in a more home-like setting with therapeutic intervention, as required.