Affiliate programme improves staff skills and confidence

11 August 2017 
The Glenside therapy team has recently launched the Affiliate programme which aims to strengthen communication between ward staff and the therapy team
and facilitate the provision of 24/7 rehabilitation for service users, as well as offering the opportunity for continuous training development for care staff.

The Affiliate programme is open to Rehabilitation Assistants who align themselves to a therapy discipline, including psychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech & language therapy.

The Affiliate programme was also designed to allow ward care staff to get a more thorough understanding of a therapy discipline, equipping them with the skills and confidence to be able to effectively implement therapeutic care plans and support other team members to do the same.

The programme runs for six months and during this time, each Rehabilitation Assistant works to develop key skills in that discipline, alongside a mentor in the corresponding therapy team. The methods for gaining the skills are developed individually between participants and disciplines.

The particulars of the therapy are then disseminated by the affiliate to their rehabilitation assistant colleagues which allows for daily implementation, by the Rehabilitation Assistants, of the service user’s individualised care plans.

Carina, Senior Rehab Assistant on NRU, is affiliated with the physiotherapy team said “I am now better able to help the service users, as being on the Affiliate programme has given me more confidence to know that what I am doing is right.” and “I always share the information I have learned with other colleagues, as that is why we’re on the Affiliate programme to pass the word on.”

Andreia, the psychology affiliate, feels the most important thing for her was finding a way to bridge the gap between the goals set by the psychology and wider therapy team, as well as implementing support on a day to day basis on the ward. Andreia believes she now has more understanding of the needs of the service users she cares for because she has a greater awareness of the impact of a brain injury on them and adds “Each person has to be supported differently to respond to their specific needs. We vary the approach of the activities to suit the individual.”

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