Awards recognise staff loyalty at Glenside

21 August 2017 
Here at Glenside, we pride ourselves on the length of time some of our staff members have worked for us. This year we introduced the Long Service
Award ceremony, following up on an earlier initiative called the Length of Service Annual Leave Bonus to recognise our staff’s length of service and commitment.

In 2016, over 100 permanent staff had worked for Glenside for five years or longer, with more than half of these having been at Glenside for more than 10 years. Twelve staff had each worked for Glenside over 20 years, with a total of 282 working years at Glenside between them!

Above is the Kennet and Langford staff receiving their Long Service Award ceremony certificate and personal gift to recognise their loyal service to the company and equally importantly, their involvement in providing consistent high quality care to our service users.

At the start of this year, we also introduced the Star Service for Excellence Award to recognise those staff who demonstrate outstanding performance in their job roles, with one person or group of staff, receiving this award each month.

The Old Vicarage staff team, a step-down unit within the neuro-behavioural pathway, were presented with the Star Service for Excellence Award for receiving so many compliments from best interest assessors, commissioners, advocates and family members to highlight the level of expertise in managing extremely challenging behaviours in such a least restrictive, robust and well thought out manner.

Glenside distributes a regular Service User and Family experience questionnaire to ask for feedback about how we can improve our services and to ensure we are achieving our goals.

The results of the latest service user questionnaire showed good improvements in almost all areas, and the family experience questionnaire results were largely positive: 84% of service users and 96% of family members agreed they / their family member was treated like an individual and 81% of service users and 100% of family members agree they / their family member was treated with kindness, dignity and respect.

One of our family members recently stated: “Excellent service and wonderful staff. My family and I are reassured that my family member is safe and well cared for at Glenside.”

Another family member has complimented Glenside by saying: “Glenside gave me back my life whilst improving the life of my wife. Glenside may have a specific number of service users, but you could actually multiple this by 3-4 as you also have the family members who need so much care and managing. In my view, I can only say Glenside are truly amazing and have shown as much care and love toward me as well.”

The CQC “Good” rating for the hospital and Horizon Close in Salisbury further underlined the positive progress that Glenside is making, following on from the “Good” rating achieved at Farnborough towards the end of last year. Glenside will be advertising for Rehabilitation Assistants to work within both our neuro-rehabilitation and neuro-behavioural services. Visit our website for more information about job vacancies to join our team.