Catering provide home-made meals for Glenside’s service users

21 August 2017 
Derek Smith, Head Chef, manages the Catering team. He works alongside other chefs and catering assistants, to produce a range
of home-made meals to suit the needs and dietary requirements of the service users. Some service users need to be monitored to ensure they continue to maintain their weight, and the food they eat plays a vital part of this equation. Glenside has on-site dieticians that review the nutritional needs of the service users. The Speech and Language therapy team also help determine the needs of the service users in terms of food options and puree levels for those who have had injuries impacting their swallowing abilities. Therapeutic recommendations are then communicated to the ward staff and the catering team. For all service users, care staff discuss the various menu options and when help is required, assist them with their meal selection, based on these recommendations and their preferences. The Occupational Therapists assess each service user to see whether they need to provide adapted equipment, such as cutlery and cups, giving specific task training where required to help individuals become more independent at meal times.

Danny, a chef within the catering team, said “I find my job very rewarding because we make 99% of our meals from scratch on site. We offer a wide variety of different meal options throughout the month and can adapt our meal choices to suit all diets including vegetarian, diabetic, halal, coeliac and gluten-free. It’s nice to see the progress the Glenside services users make and hope that the food we produce has helped them in their rehabilitation journey.”