Continuous Improvement of Quality and Governance

16 August 2017 
Glenside takes the continuous improvement of quality and governance very seriously, and therefore, several quality initiatives are currently underway.

Lauren Knight, Glenside’s Quality & Patient Safety Lead, said “Our focus on quality and governance, supported by a learning culture has all contributed to a “Good” overall rating from the CQC.

Clinical Audit

A robust internal monthly audit programme is in place ensuring all Glenside services carry out audits throughout the year, measuring their service against a set of comparable, evidence based standards. Audit cover topics such as documentation, medicines management, care of feeding tubes, tracheostomies, catheters and slings, the Mental Capacity Act and rapid tranquilisation.

Compliance with Regulator Standards

A monthly programme of assessing quality against the CQC five questions was introduced in May 2015. These assessments are designed to reflect the way in which a CQC inspection is undertaken and are comprised of questions asked to staff, observations made in the service, and reviews of records.

Learning from Concerns Group

Glenside has strong systems in place to ensure learning takes place and improvements are made as a result of incidents, complaints and safeguarding alerts. The Learning from Concerns group was established in July 2015 as formerly most of the discussion regarding these events remained at a senior management level.

In fact, staff who regularly work within services have a valuable insight into how processes work in practice, and staff external to the services can offer an unbiased and fresh perspective. The Learning from Concerns group involves staff in reviewing selected incidents, complaints and safeguarding alerts with a view to analysing processes and systems where these have occurred and identifying weaknesses that may allow a similar event to occur in the future. The group make recommendations of actions to implement to prevent these events from reoccurring.

Senior Staff Nurse Group

The Senior Staff Nurse Group was established to provide a peer support network, to ensure the sharing of good practice and to contribute to the development of processes and systems to improve the quality and safety of services. This group allows nurses to develop clinical leadership and personal skills to ensure a consistent approach is implemented across Glenside. This meeting has proved valuable and has achieved a number of service improvements and developed the skills of our senior nurses.

Improving Quality in Line with Glenside’s Values

Glenside believes that the culture and quality of an organisation can be influenced by its values and having a shared mission and vision that all members of staff are working towards. It is with this in mind that the mission, vision and values of Glenside were reviewed during 2016.

To ensure that the aspirations of Glenside reflect the aspirations of the people who work for Glenside and represent what is important to the people who use our services and those who care for them, the mission, vision and values were reviewed in consultation with service users, their family members and Glenside staff.

During 2016-17, actions identified through quality monitoring are being added to our Organisational Quality Improvement Plan and mapped against the values of Glenside to ensure the values are reflected in the improvements being made.