Glenside conference focuses on enhancing rehabilitation of brain or spinal injuries

21 August 2017 
This year’s Glenside conference entitled: “Enhancing rehabilitation: technical, surgical and peer group support for
neurorehabilitation of brain or spinal injuries.” 
was aimed at all those in the healthcare sector, working with adults who are recovering from injury to the brain or spine, through trauma or disease.

The expert speakers looked at ways to enhance the rehabilitation of these patients. Talk coverage included the introduction of a range of new technical aids from those used to ensure safety or enable activities of daily living; to mechanical devices that could support ventilation; surgical techniques that may aid recovery; peer support to improve social communication skills and an overview of research into brain-computer interfaces. All speakers focussed on ways to improve the well-being of those who have been injured.

The conference was attended by doctors, therapists, nurses and psychologists, as well as social workers, commissioners, case managers and lawyers whose responsibility it is to ensure patients get all the help and support they need. Positive feedback summarised the day: “Excellent day, very valuable to understand updates in technology. Good mix of speakers relevant to topics.”

Links to speaker presentations will be made available from the Glenside website shortly.