Glenside conference targets getting the basics right!

21 August 2017 
This year’s Glenside conference was themed: “Getting the basics right: ensuring good care for those requiring neurorehabilitation”
and was aimed at all those in the healthcare sector, working with adults who are recovering from a neurological disorder.

The speakers looked at the care needs of those requiring neurorehabilitation and highlighted best practice as to how to get the basics right. Talk subjects included the human rights of those with disability; the referral pathway into rehabilitation; the mental health needs of our patients, as well as management of their skin health, muscle spasticity, respiratory care and continence.

The conference was attended by doctors, therapists, nurses and psychologists, as well as social workers, commissioners, case managers and lawyers interested in ensuring that patients they are responsible for are being cared for properly.

Positive feedback summarised the day: “Thank you for an inspiring day, reinforcing some of the key elements of neuro-rehab and the positive focus we all aim for and the limitations we come across.”

Links to the speaker presentations are available from the Glenside website here.