Harnham Junior School pupils promote “Use your head, wear a helmet!

30 August 2017 
Harnham Junior school was the next school to participate in Glenside’s “Use your head, wear a helmet!” campaign, with Year 6 pupils taking
part in their Bikeability training.

The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of the risks of not wearing a bicycle helmet. According to the latest research led by the University of New South Wales, in Australia, cycle helmets are proven to reduce the chances of suffering a fatal head injury or sustaining a lifelong disability by as much as 65% and 69% respectively. This research backs numerous additional peer-reviewed studies confirming the effectiveness of cycle helmets.

We will also be visiting other schools including Gomeldon, Pitton, Sarum St Paul’s and Wilton & Barford CofE primary school, in the next few weeks to provide them with free cycle helmets as a resource for the schools and promoting the safe cycling message.