Positive Feedback from Service Users and their Families

21 August 2017 
As a provider of healthcare, everything Glenside does is for the benefit of the people who use our services. It is therefore important that we take into account the opinions
and priorities of service users and their families to understand what aspects of service really matter to them and where they feel improvements can be made.

Glenside has recently undertaken a separate survey for service users and family members, the results of which were both published in March 2015.

The results of the annual service user survey, showed that over 90% of respondents agreed with the following statements:

  • I am treated with dignity, kindness and respect by staff
  • I can take part in activities and hobbies if I want to

The results of the annual family member survey, showed that over 90% of respondents agreed with the following statements:

  • I am satisfied with the care that my family member receives
  • Staff come quickly when my family member uses their call bell

Over 90% of respondents to both the service user and family surveys agreed with the following statements:

  • I am / my family member is treated like an individual
  • I feel / I feel my family member is safe and secure here
  • Staff respect my / my family member’s privacy and knock before coming into my / their room
  • My / my family member’s bedroom is kept clean and tidy
  • I know who to contact if I have a complaint or question

A Salisbury service user stated:

Of the places I have been, this is 1st by a long way. Everyone is more than happy to help.”

Family members for service users on the Salisbury site stated:

The ward is kept nice and clean, the staff are friendly and the care is good.

We are sure our relative feels happy, cherished and secure in a friendly and family like environment, with caring staff who are always attentive and cheerful and who respect him and are fond of him.”

It is a safe environment for our relative and staff are very good and understanding with our emotions.

A Farnborough based service user stated:

It is very well run and the staff are very good and caring.”

Family members for service users on the Farnborough site stated:

Farnborough has a great family / homely feel about it. Whilst remaining clean it never feels sterile. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere is positive.”

The thing I like most about the service is the accommodation and decoration within the unit, the type of staff employed and the relaxed, un-institutional atmosphere. Staff are always willing to help and I have never seen rudeness to service users or visitors.”