Supportive Nurse Training Scheme pays off for Shellie

22 July 2017 
In April 2009, Shellie was recruited as a Rehab Assistant working on the night shift within the Glenside hospital when Nadder ward first opened, whilst studying
at Wiltshire College during the day. Nadder ward forms part of the neuro-behavioural pathway, providing care for adults with a brain injury, who also present with a range of challenging behaviours.

At that point in time, Shellie wanted to go on to University, potentially to study business or accountancy. However, she found working at Glenside so rewarding, that her thoughts turned towards a career in care. In her quest to understand brain injuries in more depth, she undertook the Cognitive Rehabilitation therapy course that was taught in-house. This reinforced Shellie’s passion to build on her skills and learn more about how to care for people with brain injuries. She then went on to complete the Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care which confirmed Shellie’s decision to pursue a career in care. Shellie said “On admission, when you see people first arrive at Glenside, they are distressed and disorientated and sometimes they do not understand their surroundings. We help people with their recovery, so over time, they may learn to walk again and communicate. We play a role in teaching people to relearn key skills and regain their independence and to deal with their behaviours and feel safe again.”

Gaining the Level 3 Diploma meant that Shellie was promoted to Senior Rehab Assistant. She continued to work on Nadder ward, gaining experience and working with more complex service users. It was at this stage, whilst Shellie was building her confidence and experience, that she decided to discuss with her manager what she needed to be able to apply for the Supportive Nurse Training Scheme offered by Glenside. This led to Shellie enrolling on the intensive one year Access to Nursing course, at Wiltshire College in 2012.

In 2013, on completing the Access course, Shellie applied and was selected to undertake the three year BSc (Honours) degree in Mental Health Nursing at Bournemouth University, benefitting from Glenside’s Supportive Nurse Training Scheme. During her degree course, Shellie undertook several placements at Fountain Way in Salisbury, whilst continuing to work part-time at Glenside.

Shellie has recently heard the wonderful news that she has completed her nursing degree and this has resulted in her being promoted to work as a Staff Nurse on Nadder Ward. “After all the sacrifices of working and studying full time, just being able to put the blue T-shirt of the Staff Nurse uniform on, felt fantastic, but I will not forget my green T-shirt (Rehab Assistant) roots! Without Glenside’s support, I know I couldn’t have completed my degree.”

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