Training is a priority for Glenside

11 November 2017 
Rebecca Flood, Glenside’s Learning and Development Manager, says “Training and development of staff is vital in the care
sector and a real priority at Glenside.”

All staff new to Glenside, follow a period of induction training which varies depending on their role. Clinical staff receive six full days of classroom based training before working on the wards/units. This includes all mandatory training such as moving and handling; health and safety and management of actual and potential aggression training (MAPA), as well as specialist training regarding various aspects of brain injury from our therapy team.

Anyone who has less than six months previous experience of working in the care sector, is also supported to complete the “Care Certificate” introduced by the Skills for Care, a strategic body for workforce development in adult social care in England.

Once on the ward/unit care staff undergo a two week shadowing period, where they get to build a relationship with the patients and become familiar with the unit, before working unsupervised. Each month, for the first three months of their employment, staff have a probationary meeting which represents an opportunity to talk with their manager and give and receive feedback. After a 1, 3 and 6 month period, staff are invited to a meeting with the operations and HR team. These meetings encourage staff to discuss any issues they may be having and give feedback on the support they have received. Once their probation is completed, the rehab assistants can start to study their Diploma in Health and Social Care (Level 2 or 3).

We also offer specialist courses throughout the year to build and maintain clinical competency, including tracheostomy care; ventilator training, catheter care and enteral feeding, amongst others.In addition, Glenside provides staff with a range of external training courses, such as training in the care of patients with a spinal injury, as this is an area of development for Glenside.

Rehab Assistants can also undertake the “Cognitive Rehabilitation” course which aims to widen their understanding and knowledge of brain injuries and to improve the quality of care they are able to provide.

For those who wish to continue their career progression, Glenside offers financial support to selected Senior Rehab Assistants to take the nursing degree qualification via Bournemouth or Southampton University. The management team and Senior Staff Nurses are also able to undertake their Level 5 Diploma in the Management of Health and Social Care.