Our services

Glenside provides for the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of adults with neurological injury and conditions, including people with challenging behaviours and / or long-term conditions.

We offer a complete pathway of inpatient care with a choice of settings, from acute care and intensive rehabilitation within the Hospital, to slow stream rehabilitation in a range of home environments, and within the framework of the two Neurorehabilitation and Neurobehavioural pathways.

Hospital Services

The hospital service offers 42 single ensuite bedrooms, together with various communal areas including lounges, service user practice kitchen, coffee shop and communal gardens. Furthermore, there is a hydrotherapy pool and on site physio gym, available as part of an agreed rehabilitation package.

The Neurorehabilitation Unit (NRU)

NRU is a 28‐bed service within the Hospital, comprised of three wards Avon, Bourne and Wylye, and led by an experienced senior clinical nurse and Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine and Rheumatology. It can admit patients with complex nursing needs, provide physical and cognitive rehabilitation, tracheostomy management and weaning, and nutritional management.

The Neurobehavioural Unit (NBU)

NBU is managed as a single 14‐bed service, comprised of two wards Ebble and Nadder, and led by an experienced senior clinical nurse and a Consultant in Neuropsychiatry. The NBU focuses on neuro behavioural interventions which aim to control, reduce and ultimately eliminate challenging behaviour and is able to admit patients detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended 2007).

Home Services

The Glenside Salisbury site also offers a choice of seven different care home options, within a range of settings for both the neurorehabilitation and the neurobehavioural pathway, as well as 10 simulated supported living bungalows.

Patients can move along or even between pathways at various stages of their rehabilitation journey and their progress is constantly monitored by our multi-disciplinary team to ensure they are in the best environment to suit their needs. Patient admission and discharge is also possible at any stage of the journey.

Individual care plans are agreed, following discussion with the individual and / or their family to ensure care is tailored to the service user’s needs. Treatment may include physiotherapy, speech and language support, occupational therapy, psychiatry and a range of vocational leisure activities all aimed at building independence to support an individual’s rehabilitation. Care and treatment is planned and delivered in a way as to ensure people’s welfare and safety.

Set in a rural environment, Glenside Salisbury also offers additional facilities for rehabilitation and wider social interaction, including communal gardens, coffee shop and activities centre.

Glenside Farnborough

Farnborough offers a residential slow stream service and long term placement for adults, with a range of high quality self-contained apartments, studios and ensuite bedrooms. There is an emphasis on supporting individuals to become as independent as possible, by accessing the community for educational, vocational and employment opportunities. Located within the community, Farnborough provides easy access to local amenities and offers good transport links.

Our goal is to help residents maintain the highest quality of life and level of independence possible.

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To find our more about the breadth of neurorehabilitation services Glenside is able to offer, download our brochures:

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