Patient stories

We regularly seek feedback about our services and also closely follow individual care journeys. Read about those journeys and see some of the feedback we’ve received below.

Rebuilding a life following traumatic brain injury

Terry In January 2012, Terry aged 44, sustained a traumatic brain injury following a road traffic accident whilst living in Brunei. A CT scan of Terry’s brain showed a right temporo parietal fracture and right parieto-occipital fracture. He also had bilateral basal frontal contusions with midline shift to the left. Terry had an emergency right … Continue reading “Rebuilding a life following traumatic brain injury”

Fighting through hard times

Ben Aged 33, following years of drinking and a series of personal crises, went into a coma in 2011. As Ben said “At the time, I was a hopeless alcoholic”. He tried various ways to stop drinking, but couldn’t manage it. Ben spent almost a month in a coma at Eastbourne District General Hospital. Initially, … Continue reading “Fighting through hard times”

From surviving to thriving with Guillain-Barré syndrome

Jemma In February 2015, following a viral throat infection, Jemma suffered from Guillain-Barré syndrome. Within hours, she went rapidly downhill and became paralysed – her body had effectively shut down and she was unable to breathe or move. Guillain Barré is a rare and serious condition of the peripheral nervous system and occurs when the … Continue reading “From surviving to thriving with Guillain-Barré syndrome”

The small things matter: independent living

Sara Following a cardiac arrest, Sara was initially treated in Poole hospital. She was then admitted to Glenside in February 2008, before transferring to Horizon Close in 2009. The residents of Horizon Close each live in a private bungalow, with ensuite bedroom, kitchen and living space with access via their own individual front door, simulating … Continue reading “The small things matter: independent living”

Regaining independence following a road traffic collision

Greg Involved in a road traffic collision in October 2012 and suffered multiple injuries, including a severe TBI, facial fractures, vertebral and peripheral fractures and lung/abdominal injuries. He subsequently developed abdominal sepsis and had an asystolic cardiac arrest. Following this, he became tetraplegic secondary to critical illness axonal polyneuropathy. Initially treated at Frenchay Hospital in … Continue reading “Regaining independence following a road traffic collision”

Fighting for life after multi-organ failure

David Having developed necrotising fasciitis in March 2014 after falling on a tree stump, David’s health rapidly deteriorated and he went into multi-organ failure resulting in a cardiac arrest and a hypoxic brain injury. He was initially treated at East Surrey Hospital. David was admitted in a low awareness state to the neuro rehabilitation unit … Continue reading “Fighting for life after multi-organ failure”

Living through a spontaneous subarachnoid haemorrhage

Bex In May 2014, following a (grade 5) spontaneous subarachnoid haemorrhage, with bilateral frontal delayed cerebral ischaemia, and aneurysms in the anterior communicating and middle cerebral arteries, Bex was left with neurological impairments affecting both her physical and cognitive functioning. Bex completed an initial neuropsychological assessment at Frenchay hospital. The outcome was to focus on … Continue reading “Living through a spontaneous subarachnoid haemorrhage”

A long recovery from locked-in syndrome

Gareth Initially admitted to Bath Hospital with locked-in syndrome secondary to pontine demyelination, after experiencing a fall in December 2015. Subsequently, he had to be transferred to ITU for respiratory failure and was successfully treated for hospital acquired pneumonia. Gareth developed limb weakness and problems with his speech. He had a tracheostomy inserted. At this … Continue reading “A long recovery from locked-in syndrome”

Falling four metres and surviving

Andy In May 2015, Andy fell four metres onto a concrete floor from the scaffolding he was working on, causing severe damage from a bleed on the brain due to the trauma of the fall. He also fractured his spine and impacted his ability to breathe, so a tracheostomy had to be fitted. Andy was … Continue reading “Falling four metres and surviving”

Thriving after a complication with diabetes

Gary Initially admitted to Salisbury District Hospital in April 2016, having survived a complication from an advanced stage of diabetes, Gary could not remember the 48 hours prior to waking up in hospital. At that time he was unable to speak or to move and it wasn’t clear what his prospects were for recovery. However … Continue reading “Thriving after a complication with diabetes”