Executive Board at Cygnet to abseil down the Spinnaker Tower

21 August 2017 
On Saturday 13 August, seven of the Executive Board team will abseil 100m down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth to try and raise funds
for selfharmUK, Cygnet’s nominated charity for 2016.

Self-harm affects 13% of young people aged 11-16 years. Young people who present at A&E having self-harmed are nearly three times as likely as the general population to attempt to take their own life in the following 12 months. In 2014, it was estimated that there had been a 70% increase in 10-14 year olds attending A&E for self-harm related reasons over the previous 2 years.

Young people who don’t get early support can go on to develop more deep rooted emotional, psychological and mental health problems that require significant levels of intervention over many years. The effects of this are seen in services operated by Cygnet, and that is why they have chosen to support selfharmUK as their nominated charity for 2016.

selfharmUK provide an online programme for people aged 14-18 who need support; they provide training, resources and practical support to parents, as well as speaking on the subject at conferences.

If you are interested in supporting the abseil team to raise money for selfharmUK, please donate here.