Glenside’s annual conference proves to be a hit with health professionals

6 July 2018 –

Glenside’s eighth annual conference took place on 5th July and proved be another great event.

Bringing together health and social care practitioners, leaders, commissioners, case managers and legal professionals from across the country to share great practices, learn about what great work is happening nationally to improve care, quality and outcomes and to meet new, like-minded contacts across a vast spectrum of services, organisations and specialties.

With grateful thanks to Glenside’s sponsors: Jacqueline Webb Consultancy, Fluent Technologies, Lester Aldridge LLP, and Blueleaf (formerly Nursing Hygiene Group).

A number of high-profile practitioners from across the health and social care sector delivered talks on CQC compliance, complex case management and the importance of neuropsychiatric care following TBI through to the future of stroke services, neuropsychological rehabilitation and new and upcoming therapeutic interventions.

Chairing the event, Dr. Gerhard Florschutz (Director, Raphael Hospital Group), said “it proved to be another good year for Glenside’s conference with some exciting speakers, a great variety of delegates and hugely thought-provoking content”.

We would like to extend a thank you to our speakers:

  • Prof. Barbara Wilson, Raphael Hospital/Oliver Zangwill Centre
  • Pauline Belloni, Lester Aldridge LLP
  • Sally Pumb, NHS England
  • Dr. Anita Rose, Raphael Hospital
  • Dr. Mike Dilley, St. George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Simon Dickinson, Jacqueline Webb
  • Samira Dhamapurkar, Raphael Hospital
  • Becky Puckett, Raphael Hospital
  • Prof. Tony Rudd CBE, NHS England
  • Claire Brook, Raphael Hospital
  • Michael Jenkins, Raphael Hospital