21 August 2017 –
Following the launch in February of Glenside’s “safe cycling” campaign “Use your head, wear a helmet”, we have been delighted by
the positive response from the Salisbury schools and wider community.
The Bemerton St John Year 6 pupils enjoyed their two day Bikeability course and were the first to benefit from the safe cycling promotional gifts, including spoke reflectors and stickers. Mr Alun Jones, head teacher at Bemerton St John, said that “cycle safety is vital”. Another member of staff commented that it was useful that the school had been given the cycle helmets as a resource, as one of the participants broke the strap on their own helmet and wouldn’t have been able to continue on the bikeability course, if the Glenside helmets hadn’t been immediately available.

Mr Holyoake, Headmaster at Pitton School said:

‘We’re always very keen that our Year 6 children complete the Bikeability course before they leave primary school. It’s such valuable training for them, for a lifetime of safe and enjoyable cycling. Wearing a helmet is of paramount importance and it’s brilliant that Glenside have a campaign to provide free helmets for schools, to encourage and support their safe cycling message.’

Here are photos of other Year 6 primary school pupils from Harnham Junior, Gomeldon and Sarum St Pauls, taking part in their recent Bikeability training courses. Thanks to Peter Durnam who organises the courses and his colleagues Simon Ward and Will Todd for their help in organising things on the day.