Regaining independence following a road traffic collision


Involved in a road traffic collision in October 2012 and suffered multiple injuries, including a severe TBI, facial fractures, vertebral and peripheral fractures and lung/abdominal injuries. He subsequently developed abdominal sepsis and had an asystolic cardiac arrest. Following this, he became tetraplegic secondary to critical illness axonal polyneuropathy.

Initially treated at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol, Greg was then admitted to Glenside Hospital NRU in April 2014 for assessment and intensive rehabilitation. At this time Greg had low muscle tone and required support to gain more independence, he was in a wheelchair , with PEG feeding and a colostomy.

The therapy team worked with Greg to improve his quality of life.

Clinical psychology, worked with Greg to explore the challenges he faced with changes in his identity since the injury and moved on towards building a future with meaning and purpose.

The physiotherapy team worked on improving Greg’s sitting balance and strengthening his shoulders and core muscles. Greg made great progress and he became more independent throughout his rehabilitation at Glenside.

Nutritional input helped to ensure Greg had the strength to undergo his physical rehabilitation.

Initially, Greg was able to eat and drink very little and was totally dependent on a feeding tube into his stomach to provide all the nutrition and hydration he needed. In time he moved on to texture-modified food and then onto a normal diet. When back onto a normal diet the novelty of Chinese takeaways proved too much and Greg was known to single-handily keep afloat a takeaway in the local town of Wilton! Luckily with time, the novelty wore off and he moved to a healthy balanced diet! Greg now just uses the tube for some extra fluid.

Since leaving Glenside in May 2015, Greg has become a school’s ambassador, working alongside Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue team to spread the word about the risks of drink-driving. He is fast becoming a local celebrity and has been interviewed to appear on ITV news to tell his story.

Greg says of his time at Glenside “the patience of the carers was remarkable”.

One of the Clinical Psychology team who recently met with Greg in a post-discharge visit said, “I was thrilled to meet Greg and am so pleased that some of the foundations we worked on here whilst he was at Glenside have been built upon post discharge.”