Work experience

Work experience with us is a fantastic way to gain valuable insight into a career in health and social care. It can also prove to be an enlightening way to gain confidence and experience of caring for people and learning about the hospital environment.

We employ over 200 people in a variety of roles, from therapy staff to nursing, catering to facilities and many, many more. Our teams work on an interdisciplinary basis, closely together to devise and deliver care programmes that reflect an individual’s goals and aspirations. This comprehensive approach ensures that we are able to give the best possible care.

The availability of work experience placements is limited due to the nature of the services we provide, therefore we encourage you to be specific about the particular area you would like to gain experience in, whether it be clinical or non-clinical specialties, e.g. speech and language therapy, nursing & care support or facilities and estates management. All placements comply with Regulation 19 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and all HSE guidance on work experience for young persons.


Generally we only accept work experience placement requests for a duration of one week and will not exceed two weeks.

Apply for work experience

To apply for a placement, please contact us stating your reasons and the area/specialty you are interested in.